Gigs at the Queens Head are every Sunday and occasional Wednesdays

All gigs are free admission and start at 8.30 pm. Programming consists of National and International touring artists as well as providing a platform for many of the high quality, creative players in the region.

Sunday 17th  October

EIRA/Snow; – bad weather ahead

Back at the Queens Head Monmouth for another Welsh Middle-Eastern Spanish Jazz Folk fusion evening (?)

“ … there’s a sense of being taken on a musical ‘world tour’ at every Eira/Snow gig … but for all this Eira/Snow’s pieces are primarily folk tunes with infectious melodies and strong grooves and an essential simplicity that ensures that they remain accessible no matter how far the band may push them.”

Ian Mann 1/2/2017

Photo – Steve Mitchell

Sunday 15th March

The Harrisons

The Harrison’s have a great habit of taking a song, making it theirs, then letting everyone love it.

Strong three part vocals with smooth as silk trombone playing – listen out for their version of “Nos da Eirian” 

Experimental Night – Wednesday 18th March

Inner & Outer – Dunmall/Gibbs/Owston/Bashford

Released at the end of last year on FMR, “Inner and Outer” is a recording of four of Britain’s dedicated experimentalists:

Paul Dunmall’s saxophone playing has a tonal approach which speaks authority and a truly independent voice.

Phil Gibbs, a long time collaborator with Dunmall, has a intricate guitar technique, often producing delicate sound structures and textures.

On Bass, James Owston,  keen to explore the limits of the instrument whilst oscillating between stable bass lines into various sound-scaping techniques.

Jim Bashford on drums completes the quartet with his lighting response to the creations around him. Jim is a member of no less than 20 different ensembles and tours extensively throughout the UK and Europe.

Supported by Music in Monmouth

Sunday 22nd March


Sunday 29th March

Misfit Pearl and the Oddfellows

Jazz Special – Wednesday 1st April

Get The Blessing

Details to follow

Sunday 5th April

Chris Mayfield

Sunday 12th April

Albino Frogs

Sunday 19th April

Highway 49

Sunday 10th May

Little Rumba

Sunday 17th May


Sunday 24th May


Sunday 31st May

Mud on the Tyres

Sunday 7th June

Junior Hacksaw

Jazz Special – Wednesday 13th May

Azhaar Saffar

Details to follow

Nu-music Special – Wednesday 27th May


Details to follow

Experimental Night – Wednesday 22nd July

Jak Tar

Details to follow

Nu-music Special – Wednesday 7th Ocotber

Shatner’s Bassoon

Details to follow

Jazz Special – Wednesday 28th October

7 Steps – the music of Miles Davis

Tomos Williams returns with his tribute to later tunes of Miles Davis

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